Monday, 1 April 2013

On The Set : Vibrations In Time

One thing i never remember to do is take some snapshots during filming. So i made an extra effort to take a few while making Vibrations in Time. I always enjoy grabbing screen shots, but i do like the "Behind The Scenes" feel on some on set pictures.

All these pictures are snapshots taken on set. Not screen shots from the movie.

I love the picture above. Showing Louise on the set building. I went to the forest we'd been filming at to grab some back drop pics. Then Lou set about making our own set on our land become part of that Forest. Because we can't film naughty things at public places like that, plus we have more control on our own land, with rez permissions etc. It was bad enough being naked on location, i TP'ed out many times just as a bunch of green dots converged on me on the mini map!

Adding the huge dinosaur skeleton really added the finishing touches to the set. In looks, and It also allowed us to cast shadows from the light projectors we made for the scenes through the bones.

Our small Skybox on the roof of our house became a intimate forest clearing for a week or so. Where we filmed one of my all time favourite sex shoots. Well worth the nasty "You are over your allotted Prim allowance by..." messages i got nightly.

From cuddling on a sofa, and having fun coming up with a story, to building a set, to lighting it, to costumes, to the final shoot is a very special fun time for me as it involves us all, and i really would have packed this in long ago if it was not for this team work with Arwen and Louise, and the fun we have putting this all together.

If Erotique Porn was shooting different couples, on another beach having sex, shot every other week, without our way of doing things, i think the excitement would have gone by now for me. I love that people follow their fantasies and wishes on this scene and do their thing, but this is our thing.

This is a great, and rewarding, creative hobby, which the Erotique girls share in world. I hope the end result is enjoyed by friends and those that like our style. That's all that i really worry about. You have to have fun. Or what's the point?

 Serenity. xox

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