Friday, 12 April 2013

Serenity's Projector Shoot


Thanks to the great SLebrity SL Blogger Strawberry Singh's recent blog post HERE. And Cajsa Lilliehook who recently put one of her light projectors on Second Life Marketplace HERE ( it's the one i used in the accompanying pictures on this post. ). I had a fun afternoon experimenting and learning some more about using and making projectors for movies and Second Life Photography.

Projections 2

I'm always reluctant to do any type of tip post, or tutorial because i consider myself a novice, and there are many more knowledgeable and skilled than I, however i found these tips and techniques really useful, interesting, and fun to use, so i thought I'd pass them along to those who may find them useful too. Many people are way ahead of me,  but we all sit along the learning curve in different places, so i hope this helps some.

Projections 4

As the movie below will show you there are many ways to create some awesome effects for your pics and video. You can easily apply much of what's shown in this video tutorial to suit your own needs. For static photoshoots, and lighting interior spaces where SL windlight sun cannot reach.

Projections 3

I have used light projectors on our last two movies. Adding shadow effects and local lighting to indoor film sets. The sky is the limit for these effects even when you can't see any sky! Many photographers and Machinima Artists expand on these effects with systems such as Lumi Pro.

You can start experimenting right now with the projector on Market Place above, or with the info in this video....

More Pics from my shoot.....

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