Saturday, 10 December 2011



EmeeLee Directs and appears in the movie's famous bar scene.
Thanks to the amazing SL Porn Tube and it's owner Jasmine Skyward. "Pron The Encounter" is now uploaded in higher quality than ever before. This is something i wanted to do any way, but moved it forward so it's eligible for THE SEXIEST® AWARDS.

Directed by EmeeLee Rage and myself, starring Arwen Juneberry, myself, and a huge cast of supporting actors and actresses. Pron is a movie i get asked about a lot, and it's great to have it looking so sharp and crystal clear at SL Porn Tube. You really can see details and things never seen before on previous on line copies.

Louise Silverweb guest stars on her own movie set!
I'd love to see more collaborations like Pron on our movie scene. If you can get the right script it can make the transition between two separate directors possible. As with Pron, the styles and techniques of myself and Emee fitted wonderfully to the portions of the movie we each filmed.

Arwen Juneberry stars, and is snapped by Jinx on the shoot!

I know Emee enjoyed shooting in the sets created by the Erotique Team, and myself and Arwen were very happy and excited to be cast and filmed by Emee in the main sex scene. All round from set creations, to two camera persons and directors, to the great cast, Pron was a real team effort.

Some Unseen Pron stuff ( collected by me, from my section, and test shots. ) To Go With The Re Released HQ Version.

This was an experimental scene, to bring a Light Cycle into the movie. It was a very cool scene, but the light cycle was not our work, and although we'd have given full credit to it's creator, after consulting with Emee, we dropped the scene.
Another variation on the Light Cycle deleted scene. This time i used motion tracking to add myself into a fast moving clip. This is why i'm a little blurred. Again it was a cool scene, but left out for the same reasons as above.
This scene was left out by me, simply because it was not needed, and there was already a very similar one in the cut of the movie. I always like to have too many scenes. it makes the end product higher quality if you're spoiled for choice. I love this one though, and like how the TV looked so good playing our Pandora's Box movie. ( Nooo i don't watch myself at home in SL...It was added later, in post production special effects. :P  )
An early test pic to experiment with looks for the movie. Lots of these were taken to give EmeeLee ( co directing ) a feel of how things were looking during set building.
A 3D version of the main sex scene is still something we want to do one day, and this pic tested out the looks for that project.
Another 3D pic!
The calm before the storm! Me on the bar set for the movie, where EmeeLee filmed what is in my opinion the best group sex scene in SL Porn. Built by Louse Silverweb and myself.

Serenity. xox