Friday, 9 December 2011


With Santa away, Christmas Eve is a long, cold, LONELY night for Mrs. Claus, and one of the toys from the workshop begins to look very inviting.

And when Elf Fee stops by to see if Mrs. Claus needs anything, and realizes exactly what the boss's wife needs. Things start to quickly warm up!

First off, i have to say i was really giggling when i was editing this, and even more so when i watch it properly for the first time. It's a fun movie, and i hope it gets well into the Christmas Pornstar's spirit.

Erotique Porn, myself ( Serenity ), Arwen, and Louise were producers on this one, not actresses. ( but if you stay sitting down right until the end you'll see a cameo appearance from us all on the end credits! ) . It stars Marla Carnell as Mrs Claus, Marla played the Vampire's victim in our Halloween movie "Once Shy, Twice Bitten", she again supplied the script and concept for this really fun festive porn movie.

When i first read the script, i thought, OMG!? An elf, and Mrs Claus, Santa in a threesome!? This is going to be wild. But i was relieved to see the Elf was played by Fee Quintessa and the North Pole does have some very sexy Elf's. Donicus Vollmar "Doni" too was a really fun guy and a great Santa. It says a lot about a man to change shape have a big belly, and generally look very un pornstar like on screen. What a good sport! There was a lot of fringe benefits though once he took the plunge!

I had some flash backs to Pandora's Box, as we filmed Santa's Sleigh flying home in a huge green screen studio. With some stunning video of the Northern Lights i found online as a backdrop. I very much enjoyed doing that whole sequence, and we got to film at Sere & Arwen's Ranch House for the exterior shots. in all, the brief non porn sequence i think give the film something extra.

I tried to make the movie look a little magical and i hope it's christmassy ( if that's a word? Blogger spell checker says no. :P ) If my camera and post production does not totally manage it, then the sound track certainly does. It really makes it a fun atmosphere with the christmas tunes.

As usual, the production was a real team effort. Louise Silverweb built the wonderful set, and it all worked so well for every shot. Arwen and Louise pave the way for every production that way. Inputting on the project throughout too. I can't imagine filming without them.

I'd like to thank the cast, Marla, Fee, and Doni for such a great job which produced such a fun end result. Especially Marla for her wonderful concept. It was a pleasure for us to bring it to life. I hope you all enjoy watching. :)

Serenity. xox