Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Joining Pornstar's And Getting A Part In A Movie.

( Featuring some pics from our movies to break up my rambling. )

As a new comer this is pretty daunting. Actually it probably gets more daunting and more frustrating after you've been around a short while.

The whole experience is easier if you adopt the attitude that you're in this group to have fun, make friends, and learn from others with more experience. Join in the chatter, attend parties, enjoy it!

My advice is...

Spend all your time, money, and effort on making yourself look the best you can. Do not copy others, take advice from others by all means, but make yourself stand out.

You should ensure you have what most directors consider the best prim attachments. Cocks, pussies, prim boobs, cum layers etc. The X4 cock, and pussy seem to be the most popular right now. But whatever brand you go for, spend as much as it takes and go for the highest possible quality.

Remember, if you make yourself too specialised, and only appealing to a few, ie one particular style or fetish then you limit the movies you're suitable for. make your look adaptable.

Photo shoots, flickr, and blogging are huge parts of this scene. Movies are not the be all and end all. RL porn is as much about photography as movies. SL Porn is the same. Photo shoots will also allow you to generate a portfolio to show directors. The bigger the range of shots, and more diverse the better your chances. because you're more likely to fit a potential role no matter if it's cute innocent, or slut etc.

Network. Make friends, follow the movie scene. Directors like to know you are serious. Being knowledgeable about their movies or the whole scene in general is a sign you're interested and here to stay. Some projects take time to film. many directors have been burned, by cast members just vanishing. leaving them high and dry. They are taking a risk with you when they cast you. make sure you do all you can to put their mind at rest. Also they are going to have to disappoint a lot of people if they choose you. make sure you are worth it!

There is no getting around the fact, the bulk of directors cast their friends. This may seem unfair, but everybody logs into SL to have fun. Spending time with people they like is a natural thing. Also friends have often proved trustworthy and reliable, or casting them can be a way to repay their friendship. Other than that they cast people they like or they have been impressed by. That being people they've seen around and seem fun. Not people seen as the cause of drama, or somebody they are going to have a stressful time directing. Life is way too short! SL doubly so. If you're a fun person, project that in group chat, or Pornstar gatherings. Let everybody see what a nice person you are to work with. If you can become friends with directors and be somebody they link with fun, then you are in with a great chance.

As a newcomer, never pitch movie ideas right away to a experienced director. It comes across as "make my movie for me, put me in it, do all the work for me, and make me a star!" . Often they are creative people, sometimes with a list of movie ideas as long as your arm. To take time out and do your movie is a lot to ask. When many others are thrilled to just get a role in a movie. it can make you look pushy. Once you're a big star, and on closer terms with a director then you can chat about some concepts.

Be prepared. I have worked with some great people. The best ones make your life very easy as a director. They contribute ideas, but they don't presume to "back seat direct". The best land on the set looking fantastic, having asked you before hand your requirements. They will give thought to things such as hair being suitable for filming. They also pay attention on set. It's not just a matter of sitting on a pose ball, and then diving into your IM's or group chat. If a director needs you to move, adjust, edit something you need to be paying attention. To make a director wait 5 or 10 mins before they can get your attention is a long time and very frustrating. Directors are often a close knit group, and making a good impression could see you getting cast by their friends who also direct.

On very rare occasions, film shoots can become a fun, hot time, and filming has been known to get abandoned!!! Sometimes the director is just looking to grab pure sex shots and you can have fun among your co stars. However do not go to a film or photographic shoot with the expectation that it is an excuse for a hot sex session. For the most part , film shoots are quite serious affairs and the best directors are more concerned with getting lighting and angles and continuity right. You will often find the best erotic movies  are quite mundane when being filmed. The need to get the shot right can mean repetitive takes which, is not at all sexy. They get hot when the movies are released, and on show to our community. When all the work is done. Then everybody can relax and enjoy it. By the same token casting couch sex rarely leads to guarantees of being selected in movies. If you feel horny and like each other fine then have fun but do so without expectations.

One last sure fire way to become an actress or actor cast in as many movies as you like. Is to become a director yourself. I will be covering just how to do this in the next article. it's not as difficult as you think. It's a 100% way to get out of the dilemma of waiting for your chance to be in a movie. Placing everything totally in your own hands!