Thursday, 27 March 2014

Exclusive Pics! - Serenity's Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet

Another pic this time inspired by the iconic, classic, all time great Sci Fi movie 'Forbidden Planet'. Which if you're a fan of movie trivia, is based on William Shakespeare's The Tempest, it also served as a huge inspiration for Star Trek, with the ships crew, and bridge being very familiar now when you re watch the movie. it's also got Leslie Nielsen in it!

The movies big star though, is Robbie The Robot, who is played in my pic by the lovely Katina Cazalet, who's beauty still shows through i think. huge thanks to her for her amazing pose, avatar, and her help on this picture.

I hope you enjoy my Flickr upload above, and some unreleased variations below.

Serenity. xox

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