Friday, 21 March 2014

It's On, Like Donkey Kong!

It's On, Like Donkey Kong! ( Video Game Edition. )

Had a great time this week putting together this project. Based on the original, 1980's arcade game 'Donkey Kong'. if you never played it you're just far too young, or just not cool!

I tried to get Ron Jeremy to play Mario, but contract talks broke down!

I hope you enjoy any way me as Princess Peach, in a live action ( Virtually Live Action. )

Huge thanks to Louise Kristan-Faulds, and Katina Cazalet for your pose making and help on this image.

I hope you have some 10p's ( If English. ) Quarters ( If U.S. ), or Euro coins, and come and rescue me. Ron won't be!

Yes..Kat is in the Gorilla suit.

It's On, Like Donkey Kong!

Below, are two more variations, just me messing about in photoshop....

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