Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Thank You Everybody! Xox

Picture By Hard Rust.

I'd like to take some time to thank everybody for my Sexiest® Life Time Achievement Award. Emmanuelle, who decided it, and also Jinx who really moved me and made me blush with his words on voice at the Awards show when i was presented with it. So, once again huge thanks to you both. It seems a long time ago i released a short video to promote a escort suite at Erotique, and then be discovered and friended by Emma and invited into Pornstars and finding out there was a Second Life Porn scene!

Picture ( And Pictures Below. ) By October Bettencourt.

Thanks to Emma for handing me the blog she began, and for making me co owner of her Pornstars group. These are big SL Porn Institutions, and it meant  a lot to be thought of for those roles.

A big thank you to everybody who sent messages to me, IM's, and left comments. if you are somebody i helped in the past, all i can say is you most likely deserved helping! I am always happy to help people who come to me as you did. I let the future pan out and let that dictate where friendships and things go, but i always start out willing to help anybody, and be friendly to anybody who approaches me in a decent way. I am really glad i had a positive effect on you if you're one of those people. Even if i just cheered you up by posting your pic on the Pornstars Blog. I enjoy the thought of brightening up some Second Lives in any way i can.

I am very lucky, working as i have within a team and a studio at Erotique, with Arwen, and Louise, and in recent times Katina too. With Louise i have had a business partner, soul mate, friend, Wife, Mistress and lover for 4 and a half years. I am i think the most happy and content person in Second Life with her. I look forward to every day, and enjoy everything we do together, now i just really do everything for pure enjoyment. Everything i have done i have had a strong person behind me and supporting me, Louise. I am not out to win anything, tick boxes, or mark off achievements. I just love what we do together and love her so much. Now we have a loving family with Kat too, who is another special person in my Second Life.

Louise. Picture By Keeley Snowfall.

I really value this award, it's not saying I'm #1, the best, or anything close, but it means a lot to know i have been a positive personality in a porn scene which has been my biggest pass time in Second Life for many years now. Bringing me a lot of enjoyment, and allowing me to keep on making plans and being excited by it every day, in my own projects, working with others, blogging our members, and seeing how every bodies second life in porn unfolds.

Serenity. Picture By Keeley Snowfall.

I hope everybody retains a sense of fun within porn. Please don't make it too serious, too structured, too corporate, just get excited and inspired to do your projects and enjoy working with like minded people. keep on evolving and wowing us as the months go by. I'll be happy to blog it all and join in!

Thanks again everybody.